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Executive MBA
Awarded by University of Hull
Course Registration No. : 250079
The Executive MBA is a highly prestigious U.K. business master degree programme offering in Hong Kong. This programme strongly  focuses  on a concept named "Connected Thinking" where students will need to adopt a perspective which builds an understanding of the complexities in the global business environment.

Through this way of thinking, individuals and organizations develop the capacity to recognize the connections that make a difference and think creatively to lead change in a responsible way, whatever their role on the global business stage.

Having a world-renowned Executive MBA assures you to progress up the career track towards top management positions and paves the way for broader business networks. The practical and comprehensive management skills essentially equip you with the capability to embrace responsibilities at higher management levels.

With a distinct mark of quality, the Executive MBA is awarded by the AACSB & AMBA accreditations which represents less than 5% of the world's 13,000 business programmes in the world.


Programme Excellence
25-year history in Hong Kong, one of the longest history of Executive MBA programmes
100% taught by Hull professors & lecturers from UK who are well-equipped with academic knowledge & industry experience
A general management programme that include a wide range of entrepreneurship skills and knowledge
A global community with 30,000 alumni located in 150 countriesOver 1,500 alumni in Hong Kong including CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, directors & senior managers across different industries
Programme Structure
Themes Modules
Managing in a Global Context - Managing in Organizations
Managing Relationships - Human Resource Management
- Economic Environment
Managing the Value Chain - Marketing
- Supply Chain and Operations Management
Managing Knowledge - Accounting and Finance for Managers
- Research Methods
Managing Strategically  - Strategic Management*
Additional Modules
   Leadership & Organisational Change*
   Systemic Management 
   Complexity & Network Thinking
   Complex Project Management
   International Business
* The selected module has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund purposes (CEF course code: 21Z02272-5)

Can be completed in 2 years
18 months course work
 6 months dissertation period with supervisor support

Medium of Instruction

Teaching Mode
36 face-to-face teaching hours per module
100% Hull University Faculty lecturers and professors from UK and teach in Hong Kong

Assessment Method
Executive MBA students are formally assessed by a combination of continuous assessment, examinations and a dissertation

Accreditation & Award
University of Hull Executive MBA graduates at Kaplan Higher Education (H.K.) may apply for the professional qualification award (Fellow membership status) with Institute of Management Specialist.
Programme Start Date
September 2017 - Intake 65

Entry Requirement
To be eligible for admission, applicants should normally possess:
A minimum of 3 years’ appropriate post-graduation work experience
A good degree awarded by a UK university or comparable overseas institution, or an equivalent professional qualification
Applicants with more than 5 years of senior level post graduation work experience may be admitted with a 3rd class pass degree
Applicants for whom English is their second language will also be required to demonstrate English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 575 (or 90 for the internet-based test). Applicants may be exempt from the requirement to complete IELTS or TOEFL tests if they have evidence of equivalent English language proficiency – for example, if they have completed a degree in an English-speaking country or institution within the last five years or if they have worked in a predominantly English-speaking work environment for more than five years.

Applicants without a first degree or an equivalent professional qualification:
Applicants who do not have a degree or equivalent professional qualification but meet the other eligibility criteria may submit a Portfolio of Evidence to demonstrate that they can benefit from, contribute to and succeed on the Executive MBA programme. The applicant should have completed approximately 8 years full-time appropriate work experience.
A Portfolio might include, for example, details of significant work projects or strategic analyses undertaken. It might also include information about other courses taken, and training and development programmes attended. The aim would be to demonstrate that your business knowledge and experience allow you to fulfill the academic requirements of the Executive MBA.

Programme Fee

Application Fee* HK$ 3,800
1st Instalment HK$ 32,840
2nd Instalment HK$ 32,840
3rd Instalment HK$ 32,840
4th Instalment HK$ 32,840
5th Instalment HK$ 32,840
Total: HK$ 168,000
* A sum of HK$ 3,500 is refundable if application is unsuccessful. For accepted application, this is not refundable
This programme is eligible to apply for Extended Non-Means-Tested Loan Scheme(ENLS).

Refund Policy
The programme allows for full refund of tuition fee (excluding application fee) if withdrawal notice in writing is received by Kaplan Higher Education (HK) Limited 2 weeks prior to the start of each of the terms.  There will be no refund of tuition fee if withdrawal notice is received after the start of each of the terms.

All fees paid less application fee will be refunded if the course is withdrawn or not offered.

On premature cessation of the course, all fees and charges that have been collected in respect of any part of the course failing to be conducted on or after the date of cessation will be refunded within 1 month of the premature cessation.

Cases of exceptional hardship and/or deferral may be given special consideration on a case-by-case basis based on the documentary evidence provided by students at the sole discretion of the University and Kaplan Higher Education (HK) Limited.

The maximum allowable length for students to complete the program is 48 months. Students who have obtained course exemptions will have to pay for the same amount of the tuition fee as indicated above.

The University of Hull has been established since 1928. Over the years, University of Hull has cultivated many talents and professionals who are highly influential in the business world. Alumni such as Muhtar Kent (President of Coca Cola) , Larry Hirst CBE (Chairman of IBM UK), John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister), Harriet Scott (Heart FM Breakfast Show presenter, contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine) etc. Those of which who are in the top management realm have adopted a set of knowledge, practice, value and ideology from University of Hull and which makes a difference from those who are not.

One of the main ingredients to success of an MBA programme is its network. There are over 1,500 alumni in Hong Kong with a strong alumni network from managers to director levels across different industries.

University of Hull

University of Hull
 University Excellence
  Awarded with AACSB & AMBA accreditations
  Ranked 46th in Business in the UK 
(Guardian University League Tables 2017)
  Ranked 52nd in the UK
(Times Higher Education Wiorld University Rankings 2015/16)
  One of the longest history of MBA programmes in Hong Kong
Graduate Sharing

“I chose the Hull Executive MBA because it emphasizes on both practical live case studies and theoretical understandings. These features are very important to me, especially as I started for my own business. Within the Executive MBA classes, friends and classmates I met is yet another invaluable asset. They all come from different career backgrounds, which added values to my pleasant learning experience at Kaplan for the Executive MBA studying. I truly thanks for my friend’s recommendation. It is a great choice!”

Carrie IP
Director, Connexions Consulting Limited

“Executive MBA Programme - I must admit that the course has a good structure to enable students to well balance their career, study as well as social life.”

James Wong, Intake 47
Macau Venetian Hotel and Resorts


“Executive MBA Programme enables me to advance my management and personal skills development. These skills play a major role in my career path and and help me going further."

Wong Ling Ling Aileen, Intake 48
BNP Paribas, Hong Kong


“Executive MBA Programme enables me to learn in a very flexible way, especially for our very busy work schedules in Hong Kong. Most of the lecturers are very experienced and approachable, and it enables a friendly and encouraging learning environment. The case studies are quite up-to-date, and could be used for both academic and solving problems at work."

Lisa Choi, Intake 48
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd.


“Management is about more than numbers. It is first and foremost about organizations and people -their perspectives, their social and cultural identities, their needs, motivations and desires. That's why Executive MBA's programme encompass much more than the study of economics and commerce."

Gary Ling, Intake 49
Regional Insurance Management


The University of Hull’s MBA certainly changed my life in workplace and family! In a volatile market, holding a MBA is definitely a stepping stone for career advancement. Upon completion of my programme, I’ve obtained a promotion successfully. In my point of view, I prefer choosing an MBA programme which covers variety of management topics because it truly helps me pave my career development. This MBA programme covers large amount of professional knowledge and skill sets, including leadership, operational management and strategic thinking which are all very vital attribute for me to tackle daily problems I need to face at work. Many of the skills can also be applied in my decision-making process. Meanwhile, I have a clearer vision and mind set for developing business plans. I truly feel that my management skills were widely improved. Now, I am full of confidence to manage a wider spectrum and scope at work. I believe the MBA programme of University of Hull is a good start to help people achieve their own goals and dreams."

Steve Y C Au, Intake 40
Regional Relations Manager
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited



I truly enjoy the Executive MBA programme from the University of Hull. When I enrolled in the programme, the fee was sponsored by my employer and I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to place the time and effort to enroll in an MBA. To me, an MBA is a personal challenge and I consider it as a personal development. Since, I need to work during day-time; I would not prefer programmes with a busy schedule. After going through the schedule, I think it is quite easy to handle as a part time study. Moreover, I believe a high quality face-to-face interaction between lecturers and students can greatly elevate my understanding throughout the programme. Concerning my career development, the programme covers various skills, including decision-making skills, leadership skills and management skills which is greatly applicable to my work. Meanwhile, the programme also provides me with a professional network. Most of the fellow students are working in management or senior level at their respective work, thus it helps me to branch out for a broader network. The programme truly helps me to achieve a remarkable success in my career development. It is definitely worth it for me to put in the time for this quality MBA Thanks Kaplan! Executive MBA of University of Hull is definitely an exceptional programme!"

Katty Fung, Intake 55

General Manager, Finance & Leasing
DiVino Group

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

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Executive MBA
University of Hull
14 Jun 2017
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